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Quality IT services


Development on an open platform with a simple control system. Easy upgrade.


Registration in search engines. Installation of monitoring systems. Search engine promotion.


Vector of the site or landing page for receiving conversion through sales funnel and easy communication.


Flexible custom design. Adaptive pages compatible with any devices.


User interaction systems: questionnaires, feedback forms, callback, online chat.


Technical support, improvements, advice..


The cost of owning a website consists of three main components:

  1. Domain renewal cost
  2. Hosting cost (site placement)

Possible, but not mandatory costs:

  1. The cost of renewing the SSL certificate. (if necessary)
  2. The cost of renewal of certain plugins and services. (if there are paid tariffs with a monthly fee)

The cost of the domain and hosting is a floating value and depends entirely on your needs and wishes. In more detail we can explain everything to you by phone.

Domain is the name of the site, thanks to which it can be found on the network. For example:  addstartup.net where addstartup is the name of the site, and .ru is the name of the top-level domain, which determines, for example, the site belongs to a particular country. There are international domains, such as .com or .net, informational, such as .info, thematic, such as .travel or .store Domain prices may vary significantly (several times and dozens of times) When purchasing a domain, it is important to understand that you do not buy it once and for all in the usual sense of the word, but take it into use with an annual subscription fee.

Hosting is the physical place where the site is located. Hosting is characterized by the following parameters:

  1. Hosting location.
  2. Availability of backups for site data.
  3. Possibility of connecting additional services.
  4. The speed of the communication channel hosting provides.
  5. Ease of use of hosting services.

The question is rather strange, but sometimes it is also asked. For some people, the Internet ends with social networks and instant messengers. A website is an information resource where you can inform the world about your existence, about your products and services. Report in a flexible way, not limited by any rules that exist in social networks. This is a much more advanced tool than a simple social network company page.

You pay for the work on the site, for the introduction of existing technologies, thanks to our knowledge and capabilities. As a rule, the cost of services does not include any paid themes, plugins and services. For a very simple reason – in each case different technologies developed by different companies and having different prices can be used. In addition, in most cases it is possible to use free versions of plug-ins themes – in this case we only charge money for their installation, adaptation and configuration.

Social networks have a different focus. Their main task is daily communication between people. Even if your company has its own page, for example, on Facebook, it cannot act as a full-fledged site, since it does not have a vector for sale. It is a simple business card, where it is quite difficult to look at the catalog or understand the services. Creating a company page in Facebook, you play by their rules, and are forced to convey information in the limited form in which they allow you, through a poor interface and primitive navigation. In fact, the information on a page on a social network resembles a pipe where you are forced to indiscriminately dump any posts. And one more thing – your page will be quite difficult to find through search engines, because all this has very limited functionality. You can not control this, connect advanced monitoring systems, use technology to induce a client to contact.

We offer several hundred site designs, but on the technical side there can be any design, it all depends on your wishes. We are discussing all these points.

Pop-up forms and windows appear at the moment when a button is clicked and, for example, a form for filling out an application or a notification opens. The pop-up form focuses the client’s attention, obscuring the distracting elements of the page.

Questionnaires allow clients to start interacting with the site, and you can get useful information about the client. During the survey, you can ask the client questions that will help you prepare the best offer for the client. In addition, the client will receive a notification from the website to their email. This will help him not to forget where and what he filled. In the notification letter you can specify your contact details and other information useful to the client.

The concept of SEO originated in the 90s of the twentieth century. SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. This use of technology on the side of your site and beyond that helps search engines and users find you. It is not enough to inform search engines about the existence of the site, information on the site should be useful to users. In the “Minimum” tariff, no optimization is used and the only way for your website to be in demand is to contain really useful information. In the tariff “Standard” the SEO module is used, which tells the systems what is located on the site pages: what is the main meaning of the articles, what is shown in the photos. In the “Premium” tariff, due to the analysis of competitors and relevant search queries, the semantic core assembly is used, which allows the site to be the most suitable for users in search networks, which gives a significant advantage in getting conversions from search engines. In addition, micro-markup is used, which helps search networks rank your site by content, which speeds up its indexing and gives tremendous opportunities. For example, it is possible through micro-markup to inform search engines of the price of a service or product. Accordingly, when searching for goods by price, your product will participate.

The Gmail API guarantees delivery of messages from the pages of the site both to you and to your customers, bypassing the Spam folder and all sorts of spam filters. At the same time, this method of connecting the site to Google’s email services ensures the security of your mailing service from hacking and use for the purpose of sending spam.

For an additional fee, we can connect you to additional functions that are not in the tariff you are interested in. Contact us and we will discuss the functionality you need.

Yes, we maintain the site after its manufacture. But this maintenance is time limited, i.e. depending on the fare, you will have time to ask some questions or ask us to fix something on the site. If in the future you need additional time of our specialist, then this work is paid separately.

The most important thing in our work is efficiency. We constantly strive for minimum prices for our services, therefore we save on real meetings and offer our clients other technologies for effective holding of remote meetings. You will not feel the difference in the quality of the meeting, but you will get comfort from the fact that you can save your time in a real meeting and preparation. In addition, a virtual meeting can take place at any time convenient for you at any place convenient for you, without observing the dress code and need to be distracted by some office calls or other routine office events.

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